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Most Popular Policies of ICICI Lombard General Insurance

  • ICICI Lombard Car Insurance
    The Car Insurance policy offered at ICICI Lombard is highly sought after among India's car-owners for its beneficial features and unique benefits.
    Key features of car insurance policy
    • Accident coverage available
    • Roadside assistance available
    • Facility of doorstep Surveyor available
    • 8 add-on cover available
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  • ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance
    ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance covers both medical and non-medical emergencies in foreign countries.The plan is available in three variants; Single Round Trip, Gold Multi Trip and Senior Citizen Policy
    Key features of international travel insurance policy
    • No medical test up to 85 years (Single Round Trip and Senior Citizen policy)
    • No Sub-limit for Schengen Countries (Single Round Trip and Senior Citizen policy)
    • Cashless facility is available worldwide for hospitalization
    • Guaranteed top-notch health care available with UHI
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  • ICICI Lombard Critical Care
    Critical Care plan provides financial protection against income loss of policyholders.
    Key features of Critical Care Policy
    • Lump sum financial benefit available when diagnosed with any of 9 listed Critical Illnesses
    • Coverage for Permanent Total Disablement and Accidental Death available
    • Health check up not required
    • waiting period not applicable
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  • ICICI Lombard Health Advantage Plus
    The policy covers inpatient and outpatient treatment expenses of policyholders.
    Key features of Health Advantage Plus
    • Pre-existing diseases are covered after 2 years
    • Artificial limbs and pacemaker cost covered
    • Swine Flu / H1N1 influenza treatment expenses are covered
    • OPD expenses include maternity expenses
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ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance – iHealth Plan

Needless to say, but health conditions are untimely and unwanted. Therefore, everyone needs a shield to fight them without hurting their pockets. ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance – iHealth Plan makes certain that you as well as your family are completely secured against the odds that illness brings. This policy was awarded as the Product of the Year in the year 2013 by Nielsen.

Standout features of the policy

This health insurance plan not only helps you get complete coverage, but also provides you with an option to select the medical policy and premiums as per your convenience (in terms of your needs and budget).

One can either purchase it as an individual policy or a family floater one, including kids and spouse in a single plan. It is considered as one of the widest floater policies because it can cover all your family members, including dependent father and mother, dependent children, brother, sisters, self and spouse.

Key benefits it offers

  • One can insure an amount ranging from Rs 1 Lakh, 2 Lakhs, 3 Lakhs, 4 Lakhs, 5 Lakhs, 7 Lakhs or 10 Lakhs.
  • It offers multiple sum coverage options.
  • The policyholder can also avail a certain amount of tax benefits, all under the Indian IT Act, 1961, under Section 80D.
  • It offers lifetime renewal facility.
  • One of the best things about this policy is, there is no maximum age bar when it comes to buying this policy.
  • The policyholder is ought to get cashless medical attention in more than 4500 hospitals within the network.
  • There is no sublimit option. However, you can always go for it.
  • The policy also offers no-claim bonus. 10 percent bonus on the sum insured in case of every year a claim is not made and 50 percent bonus on proper renewal of the policy.
  • The policyholder is also entitled to avail discounts, if he or she opts for voluntary deductibles.
  • The policyholder doesn’t have to undergo any medical test in order to avail the benefits of this policy, provided he or she is below 46 years of age.
  • Value added services like, free medical checkups (Rh, blood grouping, hemoglobin test, CBS, routine blood, urine tests, etc.), online conversation with a medical practitioner, consultation with a specialist with one follow-up meeting, consultation with a dietician are can also be availed with this policy.

The extent of coverage

  • The policy covers in patient hospitalization expenditures including boarding fees, nursing fee, ICU, doctor’s fee, anesthesia and other aspects.
  • It also covers specialized daycare treatments,
  • Pre as well as post hospitalization expenses are also covered up to 30 and 60 days, respectively.
  • Ambulance cost for up to 1,500 INR per hospitalization is also covered.
  • Pre-existing ailments are also covered after 2 and 4 years of waiting period depending on the amount of coverage you choose.
  • When the policy is under the floater basis, yearly health checkups can also be available twice a year.

Add-on coverage options

There are two types of add-on covers – Option I and Option II. In order to avail these additional coverage options, a policyholder needs to pay extra premiums.

Option I

  • It covers daily hospital allowance. This benefit is paid once during the tenure of the policy for every full-day hospitalization. This is subject to 10 days of consecutive hospitalization along with deductible (3 days).
  • It pays the policyholder an amount of Rs. 500, if sum insured is Rs. 1or 2 Lakhs.
  • It pays the policyholder an amount Rs. 1000, if sum insured is Rs, 3, 4, or 5 Lakhs.
  • It pays the policyholder an amount of Rs. 2000, if the sum insured is 7 or 10 Lakhs.
  • The policy also offers convalescence (recovery) benefits. An amount of Rs. 10000 is payable one time during the duration of hospitalization (for 10 or more days).

Option II

  • This option is applicable if the sum insured is more than 2 lakhs.
  • It covers critical illnesses like, last stage liver failure, cancer, kidney failure, heart attack, bypass surgery, paralysis, stroke and heart valve replacement operation.
  • Donor expenses are also reimbursed for up to Rs. 50000.


  • Drug abuse
  • Aids
  • Alcoholism
  • Maternity expenses
  • Dental care expenditures
  • Non-allopathic expenses
  • Psychiatry treatments
  • Ophthalmic treatments