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Most Popular Policies of ICICI Lombard General Insurance

  • ICICI Lombard Car Insurance
    The Car Insurance policy offered at ICICI Lombard is highly sought after among India's car-owners for its beneficial features and unique benefits.
    Key features of car insurance policy
    • Accident coverage available
    • Roadside assistance available
    • Facility of doorstep Surveyor available
    • 8 add-on cover available
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  • ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance
    ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance covers both medical and non-medical emergencies in foreign countries.The plan is available in three variants; Single Round Trip, Gold Multi Trip and Senior Citizen Policy
    Key features of international travel insurance policy
    • No medical test up to 85 years (Single Round Trip and Senior Citizen policy)
    • No Sub-limit for Schengen Countries (Single Round Trip and Senior Citizen policy)
    • Cashless facility is available worldwide for hospitalization
    • Guaranteed top-notch health care available with UHI
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  • ICICI Lombard Critical Care
    Critical Care plan provides financial protection against income loss of policyholders.
    Key features of Critical Care Policy
    • Lump sum financial benefit available when diagnosed with any of 9 listed Critical Illnesses
    • Coverage for Permanent Total Disablement and Accidental Death available
    • Health check up not required
    • waiting period not applicable
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  • ICICI Lombard Health Advantage Plus
    The policy covers inpatient and outpatient treatment expenses of policyholders.
    Key features of Health Advantage Plus
    • Pre-existing diseases are covered after 2 years
    • Artificial limbs and pacemaker cost covered
    • Swine Flu / H1N1 influenza treatment expenses are covered
    • OPD expenses include maternity expenses
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ICICI Lombard Critical Care

ICICI Lombard Critical Care offers twin benefits under single policy. It covers critical illness as well as accidental death and permanent total disability. This policy safeguards you or your better half against one of the most unwanted situation of one’s life, which is loss of income due to critical medical illness and related procedures.

How the policy works?

It is a one of its kind policy that provides the insured with lump sum monetary assistance on diagnosis of any of the 9 deadly diseases or health conditions. So, what are they? The diseases or the medical procedures covered under this policy are – cancer, heart attack, Stroke, Paralysis, Bypass surgery, kidney failure, heart valve replacement surgery, major organ transplant and multiple sclerosis.

In addition, Critical Care health insurance also covers the expenses due to PTD and death as a consequence of accident. Also, the policyholder is entitled to undergo a free of cost check-up after the completion of 4 claim-free years (consecutive).

The key benefits of Critical Care policy

  • As mentioned above, the policy holder is entitled to get good amount of benefit if any of the nine acute illnesses is diagnosed. Personal accidents as well as PTD are also covered.
  • The policyholder also gets the choice of selecting the coverage. One can choose between INR 6, 00,000 and 12, 00,000, in terms of sum inured and between 3 years and 5 years, in terms of policy tenure.
  • The policy holder is also entitled to avail certain amounts of tax benefits under the Income-tax Act, section 80D.
  • No health examination is needed in order to get this policy.
  • One of the best features of this policy is there is no waiting period of 30 days. The benefits are paid immediately after diagnosis.

Refer to the table given below for better insight:

Extent of Coverage
Critical illness Covered
Cancer Covered
Bypass surgery Covered
Heart attack (Myocardial Infarction) Covered
Kidney failure Covered
Major organ transplant Covered
Stroke Covered
Paralysis Covered
Heart valve replacement surgery Covered
Multiple Sclerosis Covered
Accidental death Covered
PTD Covered
Health Check-up Covered, up to INR 1000 after 4 consecutive years (claim-free)

As far as the Permanent Total Disability is concerned, the table given below will help you know better about the extent of coverage. Take a quick look!

Usage disability or Physical separation (Actual loss) Percentage if sum insured
Sight of both the eyes 100 %
Both the hands 100 %
Both the feet 100 %
One hand and one foot 100 %
Note: In case of any of the injuries mentioned above unfortunately results in loss of income, then the sum insured (capital) payable would be 100 percent.

Who is eligible to get insured by Critical Care?

  • The policyholder can be either of you or your significant other.
  • An individual between the age group of 20 to 45 years is eligible to enroll.

What about the premiums?

As already discussed, the policy offers the policyholder with the option to make choices on coverage, both in terms of sum insures as well as the duration of the policy. Keeping this into consideration, the premiums would be counted accordingly. The chart given below would help you:

Policy Duration/Age Groups Sum Insured (6 Lakh) Sum Insured ( 12 Lakh)
3 Years 5 Years 3 Years 5 Years
20 – 25 yr Rs. 5,800 Rs. 9,700 Rs. 11,600 Rs. 19,400
26 – 30 yr Rs. 6,600 Rs. 11,280 Rs. 13,200 Rs. 22,600
31 – 35 yr Rs. 8,300 Rs. 14,000 Rs. 16,600 Rs. 28,000
36 – 40 yr Rs. 10,300 Rs. 18,400 Rs. 20,600 Rs. 36,800
41 – 45 yr Rs. 20,500 Rs. 38,200 Rs. 41,000 Rs. 76,440

Policy Exclusions

Any kind of health condition or treatment process within 90 days from the starting date of the insurance policy would not come under the coverage. This exclusion clause is not applicable for subsequent renewal of the plan. The insurance provider is not liable to pay in case of the following situations:

  • Any kind of pre-existing health condition.
  • If the policy holder is unable to submit a medical practitioner’s certificate reading the findings of the health condition or injury.
  • Any kind of congenital medical condition.
  • Self-medication.
  • Any medical treatment or process that is not at all required or performed by a licensed medical professional.
  • Expenses for the treatment of self-injury, drug abuse, alcoholism are also not entertained.