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Most Popular Policies of ICICI Lombard General Insurance

  • ICICI Lombard Car Insurance
    The Car Insurance policy offered at ICICI Lombard is highly sought after among India's car-owners for its beneficial features and unique benefits.
    Key features of car insurance policy
    • Accident coverage available
    • Roadside assistance available
    • Facility of doorstep Surveyor available
    • 8 add-on cover available
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  • ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance
    ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance covers both medical and non-medical emergencies in foreign countries.The plan is available in three variants; Single Round Trip, Gold Multi Trip and Senior Citizen Policy
    Key features of international travel insurance policy
    • No medical test up to 85 years (Single Round Trip and Senior Citizen policy)
    • No Sub-limit for Schengen Countries (Single Round Trip and Senior Citizen policy)
    • Cashless facility is available worldwide for hospitalization
    • Guaranteed top-notch health care available with UHI
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  • ICICI Lombard Critical Care
    Critical Care plan provides financial protection against income loss of policyholders.
    Key features of Critical Care Policy
    • Lump sum financial benefit available when diagnosed with any of 9 listed Critical Illnesses
    • Coverage for Permanent Total Disablement and Accidental Death available
    • Health check up not required
    • waiting period not applicable
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  • ICICI Lombard Health Advantage Plus
    The policy covers inpatient and outpatient treatment expenses of policyholders.
    Key features of Health Advantage Plus
    • Pre-existing diseases are covered after 2 years
    • Artificial limbs and pacemaker cost covered
    • Swine Flu / H1N1 influenza treatment expenses are covered
    • OPD expenses include maternity expenses
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ICICI Lombard Family Floater Health Insurance

Family Floater Health Insurance is a complete insurance plan that provides your family with full protection under one plan with a solo premium. Once you have this policy, you are ought to get maximum benefits, both in terms of coverage and tax benefits.

How the policy works?

As already mentioned, the policy covers your family members. Here, family means – a maximum of two kids and two adults. The example given below will help you understand the policy in a better way. Take a look!

A family, say Kumar Family is insured by a conventional health insurance policy with individual plans. According to their policy, Mr. Kumar, his wife, his son and his daughter are separately insured by Rs. 2 Lakhs, Rs. 1 Lakh, Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 50,000, respectively. The premiums for all these individual policies are paid separately. Suppose, in an unfortunate condition, the medical and hospitalization expenses of any of their children reach to Rs. 1.30 Lakhs. As per the existing policy, only Rs. 50,000 will be covered and the remaining Rs. 80,000 will be paid by Mr. Kumar himself. Isn’t it?

However, with ICICI Lombard Family Floater Health Insurance policy, each and every member of the Kumar family can use the full sum insured. In their case, it’s Rs. 4 Lakhs. So, Mr. Kumar would have saved Rs. 80,000. This is why, this policy is considered to be very useful for full family insurance coverage.

What benefits the plan offers?

  • On buying this policy, you get a free health examination coupon. The coupon can be used by any one of the insured members. The coupon includes check-ups like, medical test, Rh typing, blood grouping, urine routine, blood sugar, percentage of hemoglobin and ECG. This voucher remains valid for 1 year.
  • With every policy comes a Health ID card. It is more or less like an Identity card that can be used at more than 3,500 empanelled hospitals for cashless services.
  • On renewal of the policy, the policy holders become eligible to avail a concession of 5 percent on the amount of premium. This exemption is valid only if no insurance claim has been filed in the prior policy tenure.
  • On purchasing this policy, you get an insurance coverage for 2 years. This tenure is at a stretch. That means there is no hike in the premium amount scheduled for the second year. So, you get a no renewal benefit. However, you can always opt for 1 year protection.
  • One does not need to undergo medical check-ups for buying the policy, provided he or she is not more than 55 years of age.
  • The policy can be bought online without paying extra. This can be done via ICICI Bank, Citibank and HDFC Bank credit cards. You can also avail EMI option sans extra charges. This saves you from paying a lump sum amount at a time.

What areas the policy covers?

  • It covers the medical expenditures incurred due to hospitalization (> 24 hours). It includes – medical bills, room rent, fees of the doctor and other stuff.
  • It covers medical bills before hospitalization and after hospitalization, 30 days and 60 days, respectively.
  • It pays for technologically advanced and expensive treatments that do not call for hospitalization at all or less than 24 hours. They are – Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, Dialysis, Hernia and Hydrocele surgery, Cardiac Catheterization, Kidney Stone Removal, Eye Surgery, etc.
  • It pays for pre-existing diseases after continuous 4 years of renewal.
  • It covers the expenses due to terrorist activities.
  • It also covers hospitalization due to H1N1 influenza/ Swine Flu.

Who is eligible to get this coverage?

  • The age requirement for availing this policy is between 91 days – 50 years.
  • If you have opted for the floater plan, at least one of the insured should be an adult (18 years or more).
  • For individual plan, one needs to be between 18 years to 50 years.

What areas don’t come under the coverage?

    The policy does not cover the following:

  • Any medical condition existing before the starting date of the plan
  • Congenital ailments
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Non-allopathic medical treatments
  • Cosmetic surgeries
  • Weight loss treatments and others like, suicide, self intended injury, etc.