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Most Popular Policies of ICICI Lombard General Insurance

  • ICICI Lombard Car Insurance
    The Car Insurance policy offered at ICICI Lombard is highly sought after among India's car-owners for its beneficial features and unique benefits.
    Key features of car insurance policy
    • Accident coverage available
    • Roadside assistance available
    • Facility of doorstep Surveyor available
    • 8 add-on cover available
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  • ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance
    ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance covers both medical and non-medical emergencies in foreign countries.The plan is available in three variants; Single Round Trip, Gold Multi Trip and Senior Citizen Policy
    Key features of international travel insurance policy
    • No medical test up to 85 years (Single Round Trip and Senior Citizen policy)
    • No Sub-limit for Schengen Countries (Single Round Trip and Senior Citizen policy)
    • Cashless facility is available worldwide for hospitalization
    • Guaranteed top-notch health care available with UHI
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  • ICICI Lombard Critical Care
    Critical Care plan provides financial protection against income loss of policyholders.
    Key features of Critical Care Policy
    • Lump sum financial benefit available when diagnosed with any of 9 listed Critical Illnesses
    • Coverage for Permanent Total Disablement and Accidental Death available
    • Health check up not required
    • waiting period not applicable
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  • ICICI Lombard Health Advantage Plus
    The policy covers inpatient and outpatient treatment expenses of policyholders.
    Key features of Health Advantage Plus
    • Pre-existing diseases are covered after 2 years
    • Artificial limbs and pacemaker cost covered
    • Swine Flu / H1N1 influenza treatment expenses are covered
    • OPD expenses include maternity expenses
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ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance

ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance for tension free traveling

If you are planning to go abroad for a business meeting or a vacation, then avail the best benefits of

ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance

. This is an insurance cover that will help you in getting rid of non-medical emergencies and ill-health while you are on a trip to any foreign country.

Main Benefits of Taking ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance

The insurance provides coverage in a wide assortment of various areas which include:

Medical Cover The expenses which are incurred because of injury or illness in addition to evacuation costs.
Dental Cover Compensation for all types of dental costs up to benefit total.
Baggage Cover Payment for delay or loss of passports and checked-in-baggage.
Personal Liability Cover This type of cover assures the insured individual against claims of property damage and third party injuries.
Personal Accident Cover This covers the partial or total permanent disability caused due to accident and even the death of an individual.
Hijack Distress Compensation Reimbursement is available to the insurer for the time he or she is kept captive or detained on a carrier.
Fire and Associated Dangers Cover Contents and home building insurance.
Emergency Cash Advance This is emergency financial support provided to the insured post an event like burglary, holdup and theft of baggage or luggage.
Burglary Cover Insurance of home contents
Interruption and Trip Cancellation Cover Insured is reimbursed for all the financial losses which are incurred due to interruption or trip cancellation because of hospitalization or death of a family member, natural disasters and terrorism.
Missed Connections Cover Compensation is paid for missed flight because of the delay in the arrival of a flight scheduled earlier.
Trip Delay Cover Compensation is paid for delayed departures due to terrorism, natural disasters, cancellation by theft or loss of various travel documents and due to personal contingencies.
Bounced Bookings Cover Insured is reimbursed for the costs incurred because of the bouncing of the reserved accommodation or flights by providers.
Compassion Visit Cover Compensation is paid for the so-called compassionate call of a family member or relative in case the insured remains hospitalized overseas for over five days.
Personal Effects and Baggage Loss Cover The insured is compensated for hand luggage and checked-in baggage lost by the carrier.
Emergency Hotel Extension Insured is reimbursed for expenses of additional accommodation due to delayed departure.
Return of Minor Children Cover Payment for sending an unattended child home in case the insured is hospitalized for over five days or in case the insured dies.
Political Risk and Catastrophe Compensation Expenses Reimbursement for the expenses incurred because of natural disaster or political expulsion.
Accidental Death Cover Compensation to beneficiaries in case of death of the insured because of journeying on common carrier.

Additional Covers Included in ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance

There are some exclusive additional and optional medical covers included in the

ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance

and they are Pre-Existing Illness addition covering conditions which are not enlisted in a standard policy, Repatriation of remains and daily allowance if insured individual is hospitalized.

Options Available

There are basically three most important options that can be availed with the

ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance

and they include:

Single Round Tour
  • Medical cover of maximum $500.000 without any kind of medical test up to 85 years of age.
  • Cashless hospitalization can be availed worldwide by way of affiliation with the United Health International.
  • Lifestyle services and automotive assistance available only with the chosen plans.
  • Cover for the loss of checked-in baggage which would include medical concierge and handbags.
Senior Citizen Travel Insurance
  • There are no medical diagnostics needed up to 85 years of age.
  • Easy access to cashless health care services worldwide.
  • Lifestyle services, medical concierge and automotive assistance available for the dependents residing in India.
  • Option of extending the insurance policy for 180 days.
Gold Multi-Tour Cover
  • This cover is available for people who are maximum 70 years of age.
  • Easy access to cashless healthcare services worldwide.
  • Option of securing 30, 45 or 60 days during the full year.
  • Dependent get automotive assistance, lifestyle services and medical concierge while the insured remains away.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Repatriation of Remains?

    It is the payment made for transferring the remains of the insured back to his or her country in case the insured dies while overseas. Alternatively, it is the payment made for local burial.

  • What are the exclusions of this policy?

    Exclusions of

    ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance

    include claims which arise out of declared or undeclared pre-existing medical conditions; treatment of injury or dental illness; treatment for ontological or degenerative disease and orthopedic including other alternative treatments.